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I joined Stampin’ Up!® on July 3, 2019, I signed up under Candice Fields. I selected $155 worth of products for $99. At the time of me typing this post, I have not received my starter kit but as soon as it comes, I will take and post pictures…and maybe even make a video to link to in this post.

I’m SO excited about joining this company/team of great paper crafters. I’m looking forward to being about to create and share my creativity as well as learn new tips, tricks and techniques along the way.

It is my plan to start my own Team. Hopefully one day I can look back on this post and smile because it would have come to fruition.

If you’ve considered joining Stampin’ Up! but haven’t yet, I suggest you give it a try. It’s one of the few places where you get to CHOOSE your upline. Find a Demonstrator that you connect with…whether the connection be because they are local to you, or very talented, very popular and well-known in the Stampin’ Up! community or WHATEVER! Once you’ve found that one (or a few if you’d like to give yourself some to sift through before you make you decision), contact them and ask them questions. The Stampin’ Up! community, from my experience, has shown to be a very friendly and helpful environment. I’ve encountered a lot of Demonstrators who were willing to help me out and answer questions even though I made no committment to sign up under them. Just knowing that I was interested in signing up at all was enough for them.